Jon’s Reversible Brocade/Faux Fur Mobius Twist Coat: Front
Jon’s Reversible Brocade/Faux Fur Mobius Twist Coat: Back
Black/Blue Faux Fur Cape, pals not included but they will come...
Jon Fox’s Mirrored Suit
Sci-Fi Bug Stilt Costume
 Whisper’s Reversible Ultra Soft Faux Fur &  Stretch Velvet Snake Tail Vest with matching Pants
Bubble Fur Fun
for the whole family...
Jake’s very own
Bubble Fur Fun Face Overalls
Shielah’s oh so touchable 
Green Faux Fur & Spandex Ensemble
The Psychedelic Eight-Armed Popedopus & Sinister Minister 
at BM Festival
Turn of the Century Costumes for Rose Parade: Mayor of Santa Fe Springs
Sequined “Music Man”
Rose Parade Float Rider
Shannon’s Neon Green Velvet  Monkey on the Playa at BM Festival
Jon Fox’s Blacklight Friendly Neon Wonka Ensemble
The Fuzzy Bus Interior :
Neon Faux Fur and Velvet 
with Neon Backed Sheer Swirl Ceiling Panels
Ivy in Pink Vixen Ensemble & Timber in Oberon Cape: Detachable Cock Feather Collar, Wave Patterned Fur Velvet, Stretch Glitter  Lining
Whisper’s Fractal
Mesh & Spandex Ensemble
Rock’s Caveman Ensemble
at BM Festival
Custom Fashion / Costumes: Unique Gowns, Wedding Apparel, Faux Fur Coats and Garments, One-of-a-Kind Costumes, Walk-Arounds, and everything in between.  

“If you can hallucinate it, I can create it…”