Coi on Bike
The Caterpillar
from “Alice in Wonderland”
(the mushroom worn as a skirt, body has sheer spots and arm holes)
Starfish on Bike
Peace Dove #1
Stilt Costume
“Let Them Eat Catsup” Costume, Sculpture & Performance 
at The Art Institute of Chicago
“GW” Promotional Character for CA Grape Growers’ Association(prevention of crop destruction by the Glassy Winged Sharp Shooter)
Rose Parade
Mardi Gras Characters
Rose Parade
Mardi Gras Showgirls
Rose Parade
Mardi Gras Characters
Giant Nose”Hat” & Lips Costume with movable Tongue
Walk-Around Costumes: One-of-a-Kind Costumes, & Oddities…